There is no doubt that exercise is very beneficial. Since I started working out at Planet Fitness my endurance has increased drastically. I can breathe easier than I ever have before, and my back and legs have
strengthened a lot.

Sadly, the longer you remain sedentary the more difficult it is to exercise and the higher risk you have for injury. All those muscles and tendons strongly protest the work you are now making them do, and it's easy to overdo it. That is what happened to me.

I pulled something in my neck and shoulder. I was in so much pain and I could barely move my head or reach across my body. I tried putting ice/heat on it and avoiding exercises that focused on that area.  Nothing helped. I was afraid I was going to have to spend money I don't have and go to the doctor or chiropractor.

Then I decided to try something new. For the last 5 days I have been doing yoga videos my husband Rick has. He has 5 or 6 DVDs, each with 2 workouts on it. Each workout targets a certain area. I've been alternating between the lower back and upper back/shoulder workouts. Boy do they help. My shoulder isn't back to normal yet, but I have a lot less pain and full range of motion again.  All this in 5 days.  Not bad.

Soon I will go back to Planet Fitness. I'll alternate doing yoga and working out at Planet Fitness. If you have aches and pains I recommend that you try doing some yoga. You don't have to do elaborate poses. Find DVD for beginners that targets the areas you really need to work on, and don't be afraid to modify any
poses that you can't do. Most importantly, don't give up. See my links page for links to videos of other people who didn't give up.

I've lost 43 - 45 lbs.  I sort of go up and down by two pounds on any given day, or any given time of day.  I weigh less in the morning than I do in the evening.  I seem to be losing really slowly now.  I'm going to try doing a detox one day juice diet once a week.  I found it at  I also found this website that has juice recipes  Now I'm just waiting for the juicer my unc
With my membership at Planet Fitness I can bring a guest with me anytime I work out.  I've brought my son Ryan, and my husband with me a couple of times.  I've decided that I prefer to work out alone.  I often see groups of two people working out together and I wonder how they do it.  When I'm working out with someone I feel like I have to stay with them or work out the same amount of time as they do.  My husband once came with me and left before I was done and had to come back and get me when I was done.  I don't want to feel like I have to do something different in my routine because a guest came with me.  I also don't like to be spoken to when I'm working out.  When I work out I'm in a zone and prefer to be left alone.  At first I thought maybe I'm a little weird in that way, but when I look around I notice that there are a lot people who always come alone.  They give off the same 'leave me alone' vibes that I do.  There seem to be close to the same amount of solitary exercisers as there are group exercisers.  To each his own I guess.