sandra keenan
01/15/2013 8:45pm

Hey Mary! Sorry you weren't feeling too good on the 9th. Hope things are going smoother for you. I have finally sold my eliptical machine that I never hardly used and I'm gonna buy me another treadmill. I love to walk on a treadmill and listen to audio books. My problem with them is that they never last long for me and I know that its my weight. It burns the motors up to try to carry me I guess. This time I have picked out one that is supposed to have a weight limit of 350 lbs so I should be safe with this one since I weigh in at 306lbs. Hopefully this one will last for a while any way.
I noticed you said that you went out for a burger. When I go out and get a burger or a fish sandwich I compromise on the bread. I too can't stand to have no bread on my sandwich but I can take off the bread on one side and it still be good. I try to take off the top because it has more bread to it. Hey, I'm trying.
I too used to be hooked on soda. My addiction was to coke. I would actually wake up and have to get up and go to the fridge and drink some Coke. In the middle of the night. I have got up and there would be no coke and I would get in my car and drive to store and buy one and chug it and then go back home and go back to bed. You know when I quit? When my doctor told me I had diabetes. I quit cold turkey. I now drink the Clear American water by Walmart. They have several flavors and 0 sugars, 0 caffeine, 0 calories and 0 sodium. I love them now but it took me a while to find a drink that I liked and could live with so I know how you feel.
I like your strategy of cutting back as opposed to cutting out. Your body needs a certain amount of energy to be able to function. I think it is dangerous to cut your carbs too low.
Keep up the good work and know that I am praying for you.

Mary McFadden
01/19/2013 9:53pm

Sandra, I'm glad you were able to sell your machine. I wish I had a recumbent bicycle. A doctor once told me that a recumbent bike would be best for my back. Of course, that was before my knees got so bad. I would probably have to wrap my knees before using it.

Although I have been lowering my carbs, I have not been lowering them too much, I don't think. I like the idea of taking off the top piece of bread from my burger or sandwich.

My doctor told me that although I don't have diabetes; my sugar levels were definitely high. Sugar is the number one thing I am trying to eliminate from my diet.


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