I've been suffering from a lot of knee pain.  My weight has really done a number on my knees.  I know that the will never be completely better.  The damage is already done.  All I can hope for is that not having all this extra weight on them will reduce the pain. 

I'm not really sure how I got to this point.  At some point junk food became the most exciting thing in my life.  It gave me the rush I was looking for.  It was also easy.  Hungry? No problem, go thru a drive thru.  Depressed? I think I just saw a bag of chips in the cabinet.  Sometimes eating is just the only thing to do.  When family visits what do we do?  We go out to eat.  Well that's stopping now.  Of course, this means I need to find something else to do when I'm bored, depressed, or family is visiting. I'll think of something.



01/18/2013 4:23pm

That is an awesome idea, to find other things to do when you are bored. I know for me, I get so interested in a book or studying, that I don't want to stop to eat. And, eating is kind of a chore, you have to get up and go make something. So, when the hunger hits, I like to make things that are easy. It helps if you don't even have the junk in the house to be tempted by, if it is there guaranteed I'll probably eat it. And it's helpful to have a list on the fridge of meal ideas or snacks that are healthy. Some people cut up vegetables ahead of time, so they can grab some when they have the munchies.

Mary McFadden
01/19/2013 9:26pm

Thanks for the ideas. I really like the idea of keeping a list of snacks available. I have a habit of opening the pantry and just staring in there a lot. It's been hard to avoid those snacks that belong to the kids. Mostly because I have not had enough snacks for me on hand. I think I need to have a list of snacks for me, and put those snacks in one location, up front. That way I don't have to look through the kid's stuff to get to mine. I did put some baby carrots in a container and filled it with distilled water, and put them in the fridge. They are less dry and have a better taste than just leaving them in their bag all week.


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