When I first started working out I could barely ride the recumbent bike for more than 5 minutes.  I could only do 1 set of 10-12 reps on each machine.  My highest time on the recumbent bike was 27 minutes, just a couple of days ago.  I've been doing three sets of 15-20 reps (depending on the machine) lately.  Yesterday I walked 3/4 of a mile for the first time in many years. 

All this exercising doesn't come without a price.  Some days my back and knee hurt so bad that I have to take a few days off of exercising.  I don't push myself to exercise until I feel pain.  I push myself to do what I can, and let my body tell me when to stop.  Usually the pain comes on hours later, or the next day.  Then I let my body tell me how long I need to relax.  When you have spent as many years laying around and getting NO exercise as I have, pain when you finally use those muscles is inevitable. 

The trainer asked me if I want him to work up a new routine for me since I am getting stronger.  I told him that I have already done that for myself.  My body tells me what it needs and doesn't need.  If I'm feeling achy in my shoulders then I don't use the machines that work my shoulders, until my shoulders tell me it's okay to try again.  Our bodies are amazingly smart.  They will tell us what they need.  We just have to learn to listen.

Those of you who know me know that I love action movies.  Olympus has Fallen was totally awesome.  When I watch action movies in the theater (it doesn't feel the same watching them at home) and I see someone running, it always makes me want to be able to do that.  I want to be able to survive a zombie apocalypse...or a mugging for that matter.  I don't want to be the slow, fat, easy target.  Heck, I'd settle for being able to run to my car when I'm late for work.  I've done so much damage to my back and knee that I doubt I'll ever be able to run any marathons, but a quick jaunt out to the car would be nice.


06/03/2013 7:21am

I'm so glad that you have a trainer, that is really important so that you can avoid injuries.

Yeah, being able to move when there's danger is a good reason to get in shape. You never know when you need to run from those crazy zombies lol. :)

Mary McFadden
06/04/2013 5:51pm

Even when I don't want to exercise, I just try to remember how good I feel when I'm done, and how one day my kids won't tease me about them not having to outrun zombies, they only have to outrun me, and that helps we drag myself to Planet Fitness.


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