I usually have to drag myself to Planet Fitness to work out.  I walk in thinking, "I don't want to do this."  Mostly, I don't want to use the recumbent bike.  It's torture.  It's definitally easier if I have a really good ebook to read, though.  Today I rode it for 30 minutes, and I had it on level 3.  The first time I rode the bike I couldn't ride more than 5 minutes on level 1. 

After I rode the bike I worked out on 14 machines.  The machines, although working me hard, are easier than cardio work.  The bike makes my lungs work harder and it works my entire body at once, instead of a single area at a time.  If I do the machines before the bike, I don't get far on the bike.  It's not a good idea to tire myself out before starting the bike.   

I worked out for a total of one and a half hours, and I worked hard.  After I worked out I used the massage chairs for 15 minutes.  Although I was dragging my self into the gym, I left with a feeling of total euphoria.  It's always this way when I work out.  I walk away feeling like I have accomplished something.  That I am moving forward.  I feel like nothing can stop me.  It's incredible.  It's better than any chocolate high.  No...seriously...it is!


05/31/2013 6:03am

I proud of you. Keep up the good work. It's paying off!

Mary McFadden
05/31/2013 7:56am

Thanks, hon. I love you.

06/03/2013 6:55am

Wow! way to go, I'm not sure I could do that, but I know it's so beneficial and effective for good health. I think that as you focus on being healthy, weight loss will be a natural by-product. Those good feeling help you to try again. Make your goals doable and don't overdo it, then it's counterproductive.

I mean, I just read recently that exercising strengthen the immune system but not when done in excess, then it is a hamper and stress to the immune system. It sounds like you have hit the right balance. http://www.nutribuff.com/exercise/eight-health-benefits-of-exercise/

Exercise can be addictive and that's a good thing :)

Mary McFadden
06/04/2013 5:55pm

My body is pretty good at letting me know if I'm overdoing it. I always clean each machine as I get off it, so probably 15 minutes of my one and a half hour workout was spent cleaning machines. :) I guess that is a bit of a workout too.


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