I recently read an article that said that eating healthy is no more expensive than eating junk food. Wrong!  I'm spending way more money on food now.  What really sucks is that I had almost 3 weeks off of work in December, because I work for a college.  I get paid once a month.  Which means my paycheck at the end of this month will be over 2/3 less than usual.  I have no idea how I am going to stay on this diet this month when I can't do what I usually do when I'm broke...I eat lots of rice and bread.  It's cheap and filling. So the question is, "Do I eat healthy and risk not being able to pay this month's bills, or do I eat foods that will make me gain weight, and pay one or two more bills?

Hey, guess what! I've been married for 21 years today.  We couldn't really celebrate it, due to a lack of money, but we did eat at Carl's Jr. because we had a buy one combo, get one free card.  It only cost us about $8.  I got the chicken club wrapped in lettuce, without the bun.  Rick had a burger wrapped in lettuce, without the bun.  We had side salads instead of fries, and small diet sodas.  I know, diet sodas aren't good for you, but I don't drink them very much at all.  I drink mostly water.  Rick has a gift card to a movie theatre, that he got for Christmas.  If we see the matinee, it will cover 2 tickets.  We're going to go see that Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters movie. 

I feel like I have something in my eye.  It has felt that way for the last 10+ hours.  It hurts, and it's driving me crazy.  I tried flushing my eye with an eye wash.  It didn't help.  Maybe it will feel better in the morning.  I


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