When I think about why I finally decided to change my health and my weight, I realize that my mirror had a lot to do with it. I can actually get ready in the mornings without looking at any part of me, other than my hair, but when I sit on the toilet in my half bathroom downstairs, I have nothing better to do than to look at my face in the mirror in front of me. For some time I had been looking in that mirror and thinking, "Who are you? I don't know you." 

Have you ever watched one of those horror movies where a real person gets stuck in a mirror, while their reflection is let loose in the real world? The person in the mirror can see everything their reflection does, and they start screaming, "That's not me! Don't listen to her, she's not me!" That's how I felt every time I looked in the mirror. I'm looking at my reflection and inside I'm screaming, "That's not me. I don't know who she is, but that's not me!" That person has 2 chins, she's too fat to have dimples, her cheek bones are
non-existent. That person doesn't even smile.

Now, as I look in the mirror, I am starting to see the real me there. When you lose weight your face is one of the first places you can see a difference. I've lost 32 lbs. and the real me is starting to take over that false reflection. I'm beginning to see cheekbones and dimples again. My chin is starting to work against gravity,
instead of with it. Smiling has become a little easier. I refuse to ever lose myself that way again. No evil reflection is going to take over my life. I'm coming back, and I'm staying!



04/24/2013 6:27pm

Mary, I am so glad to here you are sticking to this. you are doing well. 32 pounds is a great start. It is a hard road but one that will be much worth it. After awhile your eating habits will change and you will wonder how you at all that bad stuff. Also glad to here you joined the fitness staff. I work for physical therapy department and we work closely with our hospitals fitness center. We are able to use the fitness center before work, after work or on our lunch hour. I try to use it at least 3 days a week. I do mostly strength training there as i find i lose weight faster than with cardio. As soon as our weather gets warmer i walk as often as i can after work for my cardio. I have about 10 more pounds i would like to lose and am having trouble getting it to budge. Keep going girl i know you can do it!!! Good luck. Jane

Uncle Steve
04/24/2013 10:48pm

You go girl. I'm coming to see you in July. I'm a load to deal with in person so you better be doing good on your diet when I get there. (:

Mary McFadden
04/25/2013 8:32am

That's cool that you get to use the hospital's fitness center, Jane. I do a mixture of strength and cardio. The only cardio I can do right now is the recumbent bike. My back and knees are in really bad shape. I'm hoping that I can do some walking when I lose more weight. Heck, I'm 41 yrs. old and I walk with a can, because my back and knees are so bad. It's embarrassing.

I can't wait to see you Steve. It's been a long time.

Everyone's encouraging remarks really helps me keep going. I have an intense need to not disappoint everyone.

Mary McFadden
05/27/2013 10:45pm

I walk with a cane, not a can. Lol. I really need to reread my posts before I post them.

06/03/2013 8:07am

That's nice that your reflection reflects your weight loss efforts! Now, what will you do when you get older and start seeing wrinkles Aaagh! Remember that who you are is awesome. You help a lot of people with your caring attitude and that's beautiful :)

Mary McFadden
06/04/2013 5:44pm

That's why I'm moisturizing now! :)


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